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The NBL is betting that its increasingly respected status as an international league and the high quality of life found in Australia and New Zealand will combine to make for an attractive option for draft-eligible Americans. Prospects will be able to get paid to practice and play, and the league has a unique schedule that ends in February (with playoffs going into March).

One potential hurdle is the amount of money being considered as compensation, though the 100,000 AUD number may still be tweaked. Will it be enough to entice players to travel halfway around the world rather than sign in the G League, which pays salaries that range from $19,500 to $26,000?

Lou Williams, Clippers: The veteran shooting guard is having a career year with averages of 23.3 points and 5.3 assists in 32.5 minutes per game, but it now appears he won’t be available. Williams has agreed to an extension with the Clippers, according to Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania.

Tyreke Evans, Grizzlies: Is the entire league chasing Evans ahead of the deadline? The Cavs, Celtics and Sixers have all expressed interest in the veteran guard. This trade feels like a matter of when, not if.

Silas was also with the Cavs from 2003-05 and directly worked with a young LeBron James.

He had better get a job, James said. I know the family that he comes from and how much work he’s put in. He’s been grinding for a long time, and when he does get on, it’ll be good for the league.

This was the home-run move that the Lakers have been searching for. They were able to create the flexibility that they so desperately needed.

As we all know, if you’re gonna get something great, you gotta give up something great, right? So it was hard for us to give up our two young players, Johnson said. But I don’t want to stay in 11th place, and I don’t want this organization to stay there.

But for me, I have always wanted to not necessarily put my name on it. I have always had that attitude since I was a kid, I just don’t necessarily want to be in the front of everyone. I want to be in the back just observing. I feel like sometimes that is the best way to learn.

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