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Three years, $91 million fully guaranteed for Kirk Cousins is a stretch

With free agency a week away, it’s important to separate the wheat from the crap. And there’s one specific report that seems more like crap than wheat.

Via KFAN, former Washington tight end Chris Cooley (who now has a radio show in D.C.) says that an agent told Cooley the Vikings will offer quarterback Kirk Cousins a fully-guaranteed three-year, $91 million contract. I quickly dismissed it when Paul Allen of KFAN asked about it during a Tuesday chat on his weekday radio show. But given that it keeps popping up, the time is right to point out the flaws.

Fourth, if the Vikings were to offer that much over three years, the Vikings would surely want more years on the back end, both for cap purposes (allowing the signing bonus to be spread over a longer period of time) and to give the Vikings the opportunity to keep Cousins under contract longer, if they choose to keep him beyond the guaranteed years.

Fifth, given that the Vikings have a better team than the Jets, the Vikings should be able to get Cousins for less than what the Jets would pay. And the Jets surely aren’t willing to fork over $91 million over three years, either.

While Cousins will indeed get paid, it would be a surprise if he hits an average of $30 million per year. If would be a shock if he gets to $30.33 million per year, fully guaranteed, on a contract that covers only three years.

Shanahan said you don’t have to have that to win while talking about bigger receivers. Shanahan said the team needs the right guy rather than just chasing after a big guy who might not fit into their overall offensive system.

If his elite trait is size, then we’ll use it, Shanahan said, via But if that’s the only elite trait is size, you only can put him in on the 5-yard line and throw him a jump ball. And now we have this guy that we only use on the 5-yard line who doesn’t help on special teams, can’t play on the field and you only dress five receivers, one guy goes down, the fourth guy is your punt returner and now you have a guy who is just a big, slow jump-ball guy who has got to play over the whole field and now you are losing because of it. You don’t just go Hey, we need a big guy.’ We need good receivers. They come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever the opportunities come, you use it as a coach the best you can.

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