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That was as wrong as a prediction could be.

Even on Sunday, after all the anticipation and teases and hints being analyzed, the most that was done by the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger and reigning MVP Matt Ryan was to link arms with teammates.

The other players �� the more expendable, replaceable, vulnerable ones �� were the ones kneeling, sitting and raising their fists, volunteering themselves as targets for those who opposed them, their cause, their method and their resistance to the president who had slandered them and demanded their firing.

While the Bears sustained injuries to their offensive line against the Bucs, Glennon’s inability to escape pressure and poor decision-making at times were very telling factors.

In the end, the Bears only managed 310 yards of total offense, thus increasing the demand for Trubisky to take the reigns. But Fox maintains that Glennon will remain the starter heading into this week’s home game against the Steelers (2-0).

If you ask Mike that’s a throw he’d like to have back, said Fox when pressed about the first of Glennon’s two interceptions. A lot was made of the quarterback but the reality is we all have our hands on it.

Fox continues to preach that the Bears fail and succeed as a team. He also reminds that the Bears are just two games into the season, and he feels there’s still time for improvement.

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