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Jets, NFL could be on an anthem collision course

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson became the first NFL owner to deviate from the non-unanimous unanimous non-vote vote to change the anthem policy. And his plan to pay any fines arising from players protesting during the anthem without passing the fines along to his players, which many regard as admirable, could quickly get interesting. And expensive.

The NFL typically doesn’t regard fines as parking tickets, where you just violate the rule, write the check, repeat, repeat, repeat. Instead, the NFL tends to increase the punishment in order to stop the underlying behavior.

So if it starts (and this is just a random number aimed at making the point) at $10,000 in Week One, the second offense may spike to $20,000 in Week Two. And $40,000 in Week Three. And $80,000 in Week Four. And it continues to grow and grow and grow until the thing for which the fine is being imposed ends.

We have all the pieces to the puzzle, Shepard said. We just have to kind of put it all together. I feel like we’re heading in the right path, and we’ve just got to keep doing what we’ve got to do.

Last year Hill was the third-string quarterback behind Brees and Chase Daniel, but this year he’s competing with Tom Savage and J.T. Barrett for the No. 2 job, and the Saints are liking what they’re seeing.

He looks good, Saints coach Sean Payton said of Hill. We like where he is at. He is grinding and working hard. You guys saw [him make] a play today. When he does get outside the pocket, he can run, real fast. That presents a new challenge for the defense.

Saints quarterbacks coach Joe Lombardi gushed about Hill’s athleticism.

Every great quarterback has to have a way of making a play when the play call isn’t perfect, Lombardi said. Someone’s not open right away, or the pressure gets to you, and you have certain guys like Tom Brady or Drew, they do it by finding these creative throws or getting the ball out so quick and having that sixth sense of where to go with the ball. Other guys get away from the rush, and they get outside the pocket, and they create. You see Aaron Rodgers and those kind of guys make plays that way. Just the ability to avoid the rush. The guy runs a sub-4.5 40, and he’s strong — he might be the strongest guy on the team.

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