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From the outside looking in, I would hear about the defense’s dominance and Raven Pride, Carr said. But until you actually step foot in here �� From Day 1, I’ve gotten that feeling of guys who take pride in having their positions and what defense means for this club.

That feeling is very contagious around the locker room. We just need to keep our heads down, stay humble and stay hungry.

That could keep offenses as starved for points as the Browns and Bengals were.

With widespread rebuke around the league toward President Donald Trump for his obscene criticism of the kneeling by players during the national anthem in protest of social injustice, Evans and Jackson each took a knee with a hand on their heart in front of the bench as the Star Spangled Banner played.

It seems like he is trying to divide us. I think this is an opportunity for me to do what I can, Evans said, adding: People say it’s unpatriotic to kneel, but it’s unpatriotic of the President not to respect our rights.

Other Bucs players locked arms in solidarity, as did many Vikings, with owners Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf and general manager Rick Spielman joining them. Coach Mike Zimmer didn’t broach the subject with his players, but he said: I’m glad our guys are a team.

Already missing three starters for health reasons, defensive tackle Chris Baker, linebacker Kwon Alexander and cornerback Brent Grimes, the Buccaneers defense took even more hits during the game.

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