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Adidas signs on as a sponsor of upstart Pacific Pro Football

An upstart minor football league has added a well-known corporate sponsor.

Adidas has announced that it will be a founding partner of Pacific Pro Football, the minor league that agent Don Yee says he’ll launch in the summer of 2019.

This eliminates two plays that if you were reinventing the game are plays you would probably leave out, Polian says.

The preponderance of video reviews by officials won’t be an issue in the Alliance, Polian says. Each coach will be allowed two challenges and that’s it for replay.

And here’s one everybody but a placekicker will love: All extra points are 2-point conversion plays from the 2-yard line.

Ebersol has spent three years putting together the Alliance. He and Polian, backed by the numbers showing America’s passion for the sport, see a huge void the league can fill.

General Manager Dave Gettleman said in January that Apple is getting a clean slate and head coach Pat Shurmur used the same phrase on Wednesday.

Eli was in the building, so I had a chance to visit with him and this is a clean slate deal, Shurmur said, via So I think we all know that we need to get better. We had a great conversation. He’s eager to get started when we do get started and we’re going to put the ball out there and let it rip. As I get to know him better and we start to develop those relationships that are necessary for a player and a coach and an organization, we’re sort of starting at ground zero with that. So I’m looking forward to that.

If the Giants do decide to move on from Apple, they’d surely prefer trading him to releasing him. That gives them no reason to do anything but talk up his chances of remaining with the team as long as he’s still a member of the team.

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